The Vietnam Memorial All Oregonians Should Know About

Soldier kneeling at grave-cm

The Vietnam War is one of the most impactful conflicts in American history. Its effects are still reverberating in this country and across the globe in political, social, cultural, and economic spheres.  

The battle for a free and democratic Vietnam claimed 58,220 US soldiers and injured hundreds of thousands of others. While it’s common to view the conflict as a national effort, it’s crucial for Oregonians to see how their neighbors sacrifice for the cause too. In total, almost 800 Oregonians perished in the war.  

Currently, there’s a concerted effort underway to erect a fitting monument to remember, honor, and celebrate those Oregonians who served and sacrificed in the Vietnam War. Here’s everything you should know about the Vietnam Memorial Fund.  

What is the Vietnam War Memorial Fund?  

The Vietnam War Memorial Fund is the organization behind the creation of the Oregon Capitol Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The memorial is intended to have a prominent position on the Oregon State Capitol Grounds in the southwest sector. It would sit west of the Capitol building and south of the Oregon World War II Memorial. This prestigious position would ensure the memorial gets sufficient foot traffic to receive the attention it deserves.  

 Currently, the project is estimated to cost $4 million. However, significant strides have already been made in reaching this goal through generous donations from people across the country. The goal is to have the memorial completed by Veteran’s Day, 2024. We’re working tirelessly every day to get the word out about this crucial Vietnam War monument to encourage Oregonians, those impacted by the conflict, and generous individuals in every state to donate.  

Why does Oregon need a Vietnam War memorial?  

Encourage people to learn about the war.  

The Vietnam War is simultaneously one of the most widely recognized and grossly misunderstood wars in American history. Although the overwhelming majority of Oregonians are familiar with the war, there’s an abundance of misinformation, incomplete ideas, and outright lies circulating about the conflict. The Vietnam War Memorial will help keep the spirit of inquiry alive to promote a more accurate understanding of the war for generations to come.  

Honor the memory of those who served.  

Many people wonder how they can show their appreciation for those who selflessly risk and often give their lives protecting the freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis. This is one of the core motivations of the Vietnam Memorial Fund. Establishing a meaningful and beautiful monument is a powerful statement of recognition and deep thanks to everyone who served in the Vietnam War. It’s a way to permanently express the public’s feelings of gratitude.  

Support those who are grieving.  

Memorials aren’t just powerful objects of recognition. They also play an important role in helping individuals and families to grieve. The hundreds of Oregonians that perished in the Vietnam War represent thousands and thousands of wives, husbands, daughters, sons, parents, and friends who lost a loved one. The Vietnam War Memorial will act as a place of mourning and commemoration where those impacted by the war can grieve.  

Improve the Capitol 

The Oregon State Capitol is home to a number of important displays and memorials including the Oregon World War II Memorial and the Walk of Flags displaying the states of the union and nine Native American tribes of the state. It’s only right that a memorial to the Vietnam War joins the ranks to create a more holistic overview of crucial monuments. Plus, there’s plenty of empty space surrounding the Capitol that’s just waiting to be put to use.  

If you’re interested in learning more about the Vietnam War Memorial Fund or making a donation, feel free to visit We’d be honored to have your contributions. We’re available to answer any questions you might have about the project and how your donations will be used. Feel free to contact us.