The Fund for a Vietnam Memorial on the Oregon State Capitol, as we are “officially” called is a group of Oregonians committed to establishing a permanent memorial on our state capitol’s grounds to honor military & families who participated in the Vietnam War and help bring peace to the suffering endured by those who were rejected when they returned home. A tumultuous period, the Vietnam War was a historical era of controversy in American history and the longest war in recorded history. 

Spanning two decades, the United States had over 500,000 Military personnel on the ground in Vietnam by 1969. 

⦿  2.7 million Americans served during the Vietnam War 

⦿  58,318 Americans died in the Vietnam War

⦿  710 Oregonians were Killed in Action

⦿  4 Oregon families lost two sons in the Vietnam War

⦿  November 1955 – May 1975 is the length of the Vietnam War

Most of the Vietnam warriors who made it back to the United States never received a proper welcome home, and many returning warriors were spit upon, ridiculed, and attacked for honoring the call of their nation. The painful scars from their return haven’t faded from their memories and it’s time for us to give thanks to the men and women who served our country and underwent criticism for dutifully serving our nation. Due to these atrocities, we are compelled to honor all who served during the Vietnam Era, especially those who served in Vietnam, and memorialize those who gave their lives.

This fund is a charitable organization with the expressed purpose to generate funds through cash and in-kind donations for the design and construction of a Vietnam War Memorial on the Oregon State Capitol Grounds that will provide educational opportunities for future generations.