We are always grateful to receive help whether it is through a monetary donation, your time or supporting our corporate sponsors. Our success is based on the support of not only our veteran community but friends, family, allies and communities across the state. It is vital for us to gain support from everyone to make this treasured space a place to memorialize and honor those who fought for our country.​

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Senator James I. Manning, Oregon Senate District 7

Former Representative Bill and Cherie Kennemer

The Late Medal of Honor Recipient, Hershel “Woody” Williams

Tony Molina, Tribal Veterans Representative for Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians of Oregon

The late Robert D. “Bob” Maxwell, Medal of Honor Recipient

Representative Jeffrey A. Helfrich, Oregon House District 52

Representative E. Werner Reschke, Oregon House District 56

Former Mayor Lori Chavez-DeRemer, City of Happy Valley

Former Representative Deborah Boone, Oregon House District 32

Former Senator Lee Beyer, Oregon Senate District 6

Former Representative Julie Parrish, Oregon House District 3

Former Representative Duane Stark, Oregon House District 4

Senator Kim Thatcher, Oregon Senate District 13

Mayor Steve Callaway, City of Hillsboro

Senator Chuck Thomsen, Oregon Senate District 26

Former Representative Anna Williams, Oregon House District 52

Former Representative Jeff Reardon, Oregon House District 48

Former Representative Christine Drazen, Oregon House District 39

Mayor Stan Pulliam, City of Sandy

Mayor Casey Ryan, City of Troutdale

The late Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson

Former Mayor Chuck Bennett, City of Salem

Commissioner Paul Savas, Clackamas County

Representative Brad Witt, Oregon House District 31

Former Representative Mike Nearman, Oregon House District 23

Former Mayor Bill King, City of Sandy

Former Senator Chuck Riley. Oregon Senate District 15

Former Representative Jeff Barker, Oregon House District 28

Representative David Gomberg, Oregon House District 10

Former Senator Alan Olsen, Oregon Senate District 20

Former Representative Gary Leif, Oregon House District 2

Former Representative Carla Piluso, Oregon House District 50

Former Representative Karin Power, Oregon House District 41

Former Representative Sheri Schouten, Oregon House District 27

Mayor Tom Ellis, City of Happy Valley

Senator Brian Boquist, Oregon Senate District 12

Former Mayor Dan Holladay, City of Oregon City

Former Representative Sal Esquivel, Oregon House District 6

Mayor Brian Cooper, City of Fairview

Former Mayor George Endicott, City of Redmond

Former Mayor Shane Bemis, City of Gresham

Mayor Ted Wheeler, City of Portland

Former Mayor Russ Axelrod, City of West Linn

Representative David Brock Smith, Oregon House District 1

Mayor Joe Henry, City of Florence

Mayor T. Scott Harden, City of Wood Village

Soraida Cross, Councilor, City of Keizer

Representative James Hieb, Oregon House District 51



Fred Meyer: 

Fred Meyer Community Rewards – Fred Meyer – You can connect your Fred Meyer Rewards Card with our fund and Fred Meyer will contribute to our cause based off your purchases.   It doesn’t cost you a dime!  

Click on the logo to go to the Fred Meyer Community Rewards website.

When you connect your Fred Meyer Rewards account to the Fred Meyer Community Rewards, you can find us on the list by our name: 

Vietnam War Memorial Fund or by our Fred Meyer NPO Account Number – AH231

Fred Meyer – www.fredmeyer.com/communityrewards

Oregon BottleDrop:

Oregon Bottle Drop supports the Vietnam War Memorial Fund by transferring money directly from your Bottle Drop account.  It’s so easy. 

You can sign on to your account and donate funds from your account to the Vietnam War Memorial Fund. 

You can also sponsor a BottleDrop fundraiser for us. We will provide you with the BLUE BAGS for fundraising efforts. Once you and your friends fill up your bags, you can drop them at your nearby BottleDrop center, and the money will automatically go into your account. Another easy way to give. 

Oregon BottleDrop – BottleDrop: Oregon’s Bottle & Can Return program