Bring it home

Bring it Home

Welcome to the Oregon Capitol Vietnam Veterans Memorial fundraising campaign – a collective effort to honor our warriors and remember the fallen. As passionate Oregon residents, we are dedicated to establishing a Vietnam War Memorial on the Oregon State Capitol Grounds.

Our Mission:

Join us in bringing this vision to life! Our organization is tirelessly working to generate donations for the development of a meaningful Vietnam War Memorial. This memorial will serve as an educational cornerstone for future generations, offering insights into the Vietnam War and providing a sacred space of remembrance for those who valiantly fought and participated in the war.

The Bring it Home program invites you to be a part of this historic endeavor. As we aim to collect the remaining $435,000 needed for the Memorial by June, your contribution becomes a crucial part of making this vision a reality.

Act Now – Time is Limited:
Our campaign features two dynamic thermometers, vividly illustrating the progress we’ve made and the ground we still need to cover. With updates every other week, you can witness the impact of your generosity. The clock is ticking, and we need your support to reach our goal before June. Every donation brings us closer, and together, we are almost there!

Let’s Bring it Home!